Plastic pollution has been at the centre of mainstream news and social media in recent years. We believe that companies and industries will have the biggest impact in making a difference and still grow profitable businesses by employing eco-friendly and cradle to cradle strategies.

The hospitality industry is a huge contributor of single use plastic and disposables, but here at FARGAIN LUXURY HOMES, like many others in this industry, are opting to create a sustainable travel experience. We truly care about our environment and the impact our modern lifestyle has on our planet. It is our duty to look after the place we live in and we need to start in our very own homes.

Plastic never fully decomposes, it breaks down to micro pieces! Yet, the world is now producing roughly 300 million tons of plastic each year, of which half is for single-use. As amazing of an invention as plastic is, we can not deny the horrifyingly negative impact it has on our environment and ourselves. Our society has become used to a throwaway nature and single-use plastic is one of the top sources of pollution in the oceans. In fact, more than 8 million tons of it is dumped into our oceans yearly.  The situation is critical, it has been critical for a long time and action must be taken by each individual.

Eco Goals


  • Eliminate and avoid single use plastics and plastic packaging. In the hospitality business, travel size toiletries are big offenders.
  • Eliminate and avoid plastic microbeads in conventional beauty and cleaning products.
  • Eliminate artificial fragrances and candles.
  • Provide toiletries that contain clean and natural ingredients.
  • Provide air purifiers.
  • Use natural and organic bedding and linens (towels, robes, tea towels, etc)
  • Install water filters.
  • Avoid palm oil containing products.
  • Take a look at our business activity and see if there is any practices that can be changed to a more eco-effective procedure, e.g: shop local, support local craftsmanship, use refillable products, work with sustainable products and companies.


  • Look into installing solar panels.
  • Switch to clean energy companies.
  • Control (as much as possible) EMF radiation within our properties.
  • Use VOC-free, non toxic paint on walls.